Service Line Platform

The obstacle in today’s surgical clinical pathway is the absence of evidence-based care standards, which leads to mis-alignment amongst the stakeholders in the continuum of care (i.e. The Payor, Primary Care, Specialist & Hospital System), resulting in unnecessary medical cost.

Our PNS Clinical - Service Line Ecosystem Platform® provides strong alignment between ​all stakeholders in the coordination of care from the PCP to the Specialist (Outpatient/Inpatient) settings and follows the member’s Post Discharge to the outpatient facility and back to ​the PCP.

Value Prop

Take advantage of our solution which addresses best clinical practices to avoid waste in your local market.

Creates an exceptional Patient-Centered Care, improving member satisfaction.

Develops a Trusted and Sustainable Partnership between PCPs, Specialists, Health System, ​and Payors

Leverages a Specialty Shared Saving program, which rewards Quality, Clinical Outcomes, and Costs reduction

Provides a deeper understanding of the local care delivery system, referral patterns and patient population behavior using advanced machine-learning and geo-intelligent analytics