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About Us

It was 1998, at a kitchen table in Florida. Four original partners came together over dinner and a few bottles of wine (probably one too many) to create a solution that would change the course of Specialty risk management. On that night, an ecosystem was born aligning Health Plans, Primary Care Providers, and Specialty Care Providers to benefit their members more effectively with services in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Throughout the years, Provider Network Solutions, LLC (PNS) has continued to enhance its offerings, geographical footprint, and capabilities to become the leading Specialty Care Managed Service Organization in the State of Florida. As we look towards the future, we find ourselves back at the dinner table, creating new and innovative initiatives alongside our Health Plan and Provider Partners, which will launch us all into the next century.

Leading in the state of Florida - Specialty care managed service organization
Our culture supports an environment of diverse mindsets to collaborate and inspire each other to be better.

Our Culture

Our culture promotes an environment where individuality and diverse mindsets collaborate and inspire each other to be better. Our enthusiastic and invaluable team members are encouraged and empowered to create reliable top-drawer solutions, not only for our internal but for our external stakeholders as well.

Our core values and purpose-driven mindset foster continuous and never-ending improvement, (C.A.N.I.) and is evident throughout our organization and kept alive by our team. PNS is a company where you will be embraced by colleagues who want to see you grow in an environment that will inspire you to become the very best version of yourself.

Our Mission

PNS’s mission is to be the Premier Value-Based Specialty Organization, which provides our Health Plan partners with a Specialty network of providers who ensure quality patient care through compassion while adhering to “Best Practice” guidelines. We strive to enhance our Specialists with greater access to patients seeking their service while maintaining complete data integrity and a robust security platform.

Our Mission

Our Purpose

Provide a culture where Continuous and Never-Ending Improvement (C.A.N.I.) through professional, financial, spiritual, and personal growth is a reality.

Continuous and never-ending improvement
Servicing 100 million lives in all 50 states

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

To become the leading Premier Value-Based Specialty Organization Servicing 100 Million Lives in all 50 States.

Core Values

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