Care Touch Platform

Chronic musculoskeletal care is one of the top cost drivers in healthcare. The inability to effectively manage members suffering from high cost, and complex chronic medical conditions creates unpredictability for Payors and Financially liable entities.

Our PNS Clinical – Care Touch Platform™ provides a high touch Specialty Physician Lead clinical program for your high cost, complex chronic musculoskeletal population, supported by an ancillary clinical team and technology interface.

Value Prop

Take advantage of our solution which addresses best clinical practices to avoid waste in your local market.

Alignment of member’s care with Preferred Health Delivery System accessing Quality and Valued Based Clinical Programs ultimately providing savings to PCP & Plan.

Delivers cost stabilization as a result of high-quality care with Preferred Network Providers preventing overutilization of medical services​.

Supports STARS scores by providing VIP service enhancing customer satisfaction​, while preventing unnecessary medical procedures and hospitalization​.