Pain Control

Pain Control Solutions


This network is currently under development, but we would love to talk. If you are interested, please call us at 888.959.8714 or email us at

Pain Control Solutions (PCS) offers our network providers the opportunity to increase their practice’s patient volume through our established contracts with leading regional health plans. Our network provider panels are established based on the health plan’s demographics, geographic needs and projected growth.

Together with the health plan:

  • We establish a closed panel that ensures sufficient access for the health plan members and increased patient volume for our network providers.
  • As a result of increasing patient volume, you will be able to minimize your capital investment in marketing and new business development.
  • The reduction of overhead costs along with the opportunity to see more patients and increase revenue, will ultimately lead to a more profitable practice.

Our Health Plan Partners

PCS works with major regional Health Plans:

  • Humana
  • Devoted Health